After a long career at RENEW Wisconsin, advocating for renewable energy across the state, Michael Vickerman has announced his retirement effective April 20, 2024. Vickerman’s professional legacy spans over 33 years and demonstrates his tireless commitment to Wisconsin’s clean energy transition.

Vickerman got his start at RENEW after responding to a classified ad for a limited-term program coordinator at the nonprofit. For eight years, he served as the sole employee of the organization. He was pivotal in shaping renewable energy policy and fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders.

“No individual has done more to advance renewable energy in the Badger state than Michael Vickerman,” said Sam Dunaiski, Executive Director of RENEW Wisconsin. “He has ushered advocates and professionals through every Wisconsin clean energy challenge and success over the past thirty years. His knowledge, patience, humor, and guidance are unmatched and will be missed at RENEW.”

During his three-decade stint with RENEW, Vickerman held several positions within the organization, serving as Executive Director, Program and Policy Director, and most recently, Clean Energy Deployment Manager.

“Though we’ve had our ups and downs, renewable energy continues to grow in ways that benefit farmers, businesses, communities, and taxpayers,” Vickerman said. “During the early years, it would not have been possible to foresee a future when every power plant in Wisconsin energized in one year would be powered by sunshine and wind energy. But that’s exactly what happened in 2023. Would that have been possible without RENEW’s advocacy over the years and decades? I doubt it.”

“As RENEW has expanded from a single employee to a 13-person staff, our ability to influence and shape state energy policy continues to grow,” Vickerman said. “It will be sad to part company with such a talented group of colleagues, but I have every confidence in their capacity to meet the challenges that lie ahead.”

Vickerman will remain connected to the nonprofit as a member of the board of directors. In his new-found free time, he plans to raise a new puppy with his wife Pamela, garden, and ride his bike around Madison while sustaining his connection to Wisconsin’s renewable energy community.