A report on WXOW News 19 (La Crosse) about a public forum on a power project called CapX 2020:

La Crosse, WI (WXOW)- It’s a highly controversial project. Opponents claim these 150 foot tall towers placed every one thousand feet would have a detrimental impact on the environment and wildlife. They also claim there are better options to meeting growing energy needs.

Utilities like Xcel Energy and Dairyland Power support the lines saying it’s necessary to meet the growing demands for energy.

It’s called CapX 2020. The powerlines would start in the Dakotas and continue through Rochester and through the La Crosse Area. Those with Xcel say regional electric use has grown by 80-percent since the early 1980s. Attorney Carol oOerland is against the power lines says there’s alternatives like renewable energy and conservation.

“And we don’t need it. There is other ways to generate electricity. We can use wind and gas combos. It’s just not needed,” says Carol Overland, Attorney.

“The lines, it’s about growth. For example, in the La Crosse metro area you have 20% growth in the last 20 years in the entire Rochester region has seen 50 percent growth,” Says Xcel Energy Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Tim Carlsgaard.

This is something both the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin will decide. State and federal permits are both needed as well in order for high voltage transmission lines to be built.