From an article by Darlene Ramos in The Dunn County News:

The business of saving money also makes money. And so it is with the booming business of pellet and wood-burning stoves and furnaces.

In the face of rising fuel prices, energy-conscious consumers are intent on lowering their home-heating costs — and accommodating these customers is also helping local stove dealerships flourish. Stories from both sides are resoundingly positive.

“We are having a hard time keeping up with orders for pellet stoves,” said Dale Amundson of Great American Homes and Fireplace in north Menomonie. “When one considers that the operation of a wood pellet stove is 50 percent cheaper than propane, 70 percent cheaper than fuel oil and 30 percent cheaper than natural gas, it’s easy to see why.”

Pellet stoves require only simple venting, and operation is so safe that with proper installation, insurance companies regard them as nearly a non-issue, said Amundson.

Check the EPA air quality rating on any pellet or wood-buring stove to be certain to avoid putting unnessary pollution into the air.