From a story on WISN-TV:

MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin State Fair has a new creation on a stick, but it’s not something fair goers can eat. It’s called “energy on a stick.”

Solar panels have been installed on top of the Wisconsin Products Pavilion, as well as a single stick on Grandstand Avenue.

The stick can produce 34,000 kilowatts of electricity a year.

“That’s really the future we’re working toward,” said Niels Woleter, Solar Electric Program Manager for Focus on Energy. “Part of that future is preparing everyone, by showing them yes, here it is. This is what it looks like. It does work in Wisconsin. Today might be a cloudy day, but its still generating power.”

State Fair officials said in 1 year the panels will generate enough power to make cream puffs for 3 years, as well as run the sky gliders for 12 years.