Solar installer Shawn Young (H&H Solar), RENEW’s Michael Vickerman, and the City of Madison’s Kay Schindel (left to right) inspect the solar hot water system on Station No. 1 with the downtown Madison skyline in the background.

From an article by Julian Emerson and Andrew Dowd in the Leader-Telegram:

Eau Claire city officials have outlined 58 infrastructure projects totaling $70.58 million that could be started this year if they receive money.

The proposed city projects span a range of infrastructure improvement initiatives and have not been prioritized. Besides the Hobbs remodeling, other big-ticket items on the list include a $6.8 million L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library upgrade, $6 million to relocate the Police Department, a $5 million North Barstow Redevelopment District parking ramp and a $4 million city bus transit center.

The list includes some less costly endeavors too, such as City Hall heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements costing $117,000 and a $23,200 rooftop solar water heating system for City Hall and fire station No. 2.