On Sunday, May 07, Emmanuel Community United Methodist Church (ECUMC) held a solar dedication ceremony for their 63-kilowatt, newly constructed solar array. Emmanuel Community United Methodist Church is a church located in Menomonee Falls, whose mission is to promote a vibrant and transformative community, sharing God’s love with its neighbors.  

The solar system, installed by Arch Solar, consists of 118 solar panels and is anticipated to offset roughly  60% of the church’s annual electrical needs. “When evaluating layouts, Emmanuel decided to go with a  “Wisconsin design to make the most of the winter sun and snow shedding,” said Andrew Holmstrom, C&I Solar Energy at Arch Solar. “This system will shed snow quicker, produce in low light conditions, and  crank out power in the winter as well as the summer.” 

Emmanuel Community United Methodist Church received support from Solar for Good, a RENEW Wisconsin program created in partnership with the Couillard Solar Foundation which aims to expand the use of solar power among nonprofits in Wisconsin. Emmanuel Community received 59 panels donated through this program. 

In addition to this assistance, Emmanuel Community also worked with Legacy Solar Cooperative throughout its solar journey. Legacy Solar Cooperative provided valuable solar industry expertise as well as funding and financing assistance so that congregation members could help ECUMC get the most out of every renewable energy dollar being spent. They also helped the church compare multiple quotes on the project, which resulted in choosing Arch Solar as the installer.  

The installation of this solar system not only increases the church’s fiscal responsibility but also helps meet its sustainability goals. “We are excited about our solar project because it furthers the ministry of our church to protect God’s creation,” said Doug Walters, chair of the church’s “Green Team” and key player of the project. “At the same time, it offers us a way to save money on our electrical bills for many  years. It is an investment in our children’s future.” 

Emmanuel Community United Methodist Church’s solar installation showcases their commitment to  being good stewards of the environment and demonstrates how nonprofits and houses of worship can  lead Wisconsin’s clean energy transition. This church exemplifies how renewable energy can be  leveraged to serve the community, save money, and protect the planet.