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Superior’s weatherization program held an open house Thursday to get the word out on how people can make their homes more energy efficient. Joe Cadotte reports.

Superior weatherizes over a hundred homes every year. Through the program, they replace and fix everything from furnaces to light bulbs, saving homeowners 20 to 30 percent on utility bills. Superior Weatherization Program Spokesperson Jean Dotterwick says money is available to weatherize 120 homes in the area, but many people hesitate to apply.

“Elderly or older people just don’t feel they have the right to it. Anytime they have fuel assistance we get a notice of that, and we will often send out letters to these people who haven’t been weatherized yet.”

Superior resident Adam Johnson is having his home weatherized. Johnson says he’ll save over $7,000 through the program.

“It allows us to be able to live in a house that isn’t drafty. My kids don’t have to have boots on, you know what I mean? Not boots, but they don’t have to have extra coats on, stuff like that.”

State Senator Bob Jauch of Poplar says 175-thousand families in Wisconsin will receive heating assistance this year. In addition, thousands of homes will be weatherized.