Dane County and Gundersen Health System Break Ground on Second Cow Power Facility

A unique partnership will soon turn cow waste from farms into renewable energy in the Dane County area thanks to a unique partnership between Dane County and Gunderson Health System. Read the press release below for more information.

Three-Farm Community Manure Digester Will Produce Cleaner Energy, Keep Twice the Amount of Phosphorus Out of Area Lakes 

DANE COUNTY, WI — Construction of the county’s second Cow Power project has begun, paving the way for cleaner lakes and enough clean electricity to power 2,500 homes, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced at a groundbreaking ceremony today.  

Surrounded by rolling hills, happy cows, and with construction equipment poised to begin work, County Executive Parisi was joined for the historic event by Gundersen Health System executives, dairy farmers, and state and local officials at the Ziegler Dairy Farm west of Middleton. 

“Today is an exciting day for Dane County that was made possible through years of hard work and a historic partnership between government, the private sector, and local farmers,” said Parisi.  “Our second Cow Power digester will help clean up our lakes, generate home-grown renewable energy, and keep our farm families farming for generations to come.”


‘GreenWhey’ turns cheese wastewater into energy and more

A new project in Turtle Lake, WI aims to use a cheese plant’s wastewater to produce electricity, heat and fertilizer. Read the article at Agri-view.

By Jane Fyksen Crops Editor  

TURTLE LAKE — A $28 million renewable energy project underway in Turtle Lake will convert cheesemaking byproducts into electricity, heat and a new fertilizer. The aim is to provide an alternative to land-spreading of cheese plant wastewater (high in organic content and phosphorus), while at the same time generate electrical power for nearby homes and businesses, while at the same time, cheaper heat for dairy plants. 

Instead of being a liability for the cheese industry, dairy wastewater will be transformed into valuable commodities, thanks to pioneers at GreenWhey Energy in Turtle Lake.


Marquette County board approves biogas pipeline

A biogas pipeline in Central Wisconsin is one step closer to realization after the Marquette County Board of Supervisors approved its installation. See the Portage Daily Register’s article for more information.

MONTELLO — The Marquette County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to adopt a resolution approving the installation of a biogas pipeline within certain county road right-of-ways from the New Chester Dairy to Brakebush Brothers Inc.  

Gas would be extracted from manure at the New Chester Dairy in Grand Marsh and sent via the pipeline to the Brakebush Brothers plant near Westfield to be used for electricity. 

At its previous meeting, the board voted to delay its vote on the resolution until the company could answer some community members’ concerns.


County to secure final agreements necessary to begin construction of second cow power facility

From the office of Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive:

Funding, Partnerships Secured to Begin Project in Coming Weeks in Town of Springfield

MADISON — Construction of Dane County’s second “Cow Power” facility is set to begin in the coming weeks as final agreements needed for the project are slated to be approved this evening, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today.

Pending approval by the Dane County Board at their meeting tonight, the agreements will secure $3.3 million in previously-awarded grant funding from the state to help finance construction of the digester just outside of Middleton. The agreements also formalize private ownership and operations of the facility with Gundersen Health System.


Plans outlined for New Chester Dairy manure digester

Good news out of Adams County…

Plans outlined for New Chester Dairy manure digester – The Country Today: Dairy
NEW CHESTER — Plans for a $25 million anaerobic digester project that will process dairy manure, chicken offal and other food waste products from businesses in Adams and Marquette counties was outlined April 4 during a media event at the Milk Source New Chester Dairy.