From the City of Eau Claire’s Green Website:

How can I decrease my energy consumption?
1. Turn off lights. Did you know roughly 40% of our electricity use is from lighting our indoor spaces? By simply turning off lights when not present you can save serious greenbacks!

2. Use more daylight instead of artificial for indoor lighting. Research has shown daylight increases productivity and reduces absenteeism in the workplace. Natural light has a profound effect on the stimulation and regulation of the human body. For instance, the human eye turns daylight into electrical impulses, triggering the release of the chemical serotonin, which is essential for emotional well-being. Additionally, ultraviolet light from the sun creates Vitamin D through our skin producing calcium for healthier bones & teeth.

3. Unplug it! When not in use unplug chargers, non-essential power strips, etc. Turn off your computer and monitor before you go out. Decrease use of space heaters by having a sweater or cardigan handy when you get a little cold.