From The Political Environment, a blog by James Rowen:

Milwaukee’s Common Council will decide this week whether to move the downtown streetcar plan forward, so let’s get involved and help make it happen.

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Make sure you email support to with copies to Council Pres. Willie Hines at and Alderman Michael Murphy at

Here are major benefits to the long-delayed system:

· Improves transit mobility to and between key residential, employment and activity centers.
· Maximizes transit accessibility and choices for residents, employees, and visitors. Accessible, low floors for level boarding for disabled, elderly, strollers, bikes. Service every 10-15 minutes.
· Has increased transit use in general in cities where it has been added to complement the existing bus system.
· Provides a downtown core starter system that can be expanded in the future to provide a larger more effective transit network (NW to 30th Street Industrial corridor; NE to Columbia St Mary’s UWM; West to Marquette, Miller Park, Research Park; S through Walkers Point, Bay View to airport; SW to Jackson Park.)

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