From an article by John Froelich in the Tomah Journal:

The Tomah School District’s energy management program, which was inaugurated last fall, is paying off with an estimated $92,500 in savings.

Dave Stutzman, the district’s buildings and energy manager, gave a report of activities to the Tomah Board of Education Thursday evening. Stutzman said, “Our staff is making a difference on our energy bills.”

Stutzman, who was hired last August, said energy use was down nine percent across the board in November, close to the 10 percent annual reduction goal. He said the action plan and energy study “… are the roadmap for our future.”

The action plan was created in September. Staff building energy plans were initiated beginning in November.

Stutzman said there was a big reduction in the amount of therms used in November and December.

He had praise for Miller School which was “…consistently low” in energy use. ”The staff in that building are following best practices to the letter,” he said.

Behavioral modification — getting staff to close doors and shut off lights — is an important part of the process.