From an announcement by the Waukesha County Environmental Action League:

Water is on its way to becoming the oil of the 21st century. World water shortages brought about by increasing demand of growing populations and the results of mis-use and overuse of water, in conjunction with globalization, and the privatization of government roles and responsibilities, are adding up to what may be a world water crisis. While improved technology and new and alternate sources may provide answers to the energy crunch, no scientists have discovered how to make more water yet.

Two award-winning documentary films begin to address this issue: “Thirst” and “FLOW” (For Love of Water). Beginning on Sept. 23, WEAL (Waukesha County Environmental Action League) will show these films around the County.

Think of it as the “No Excuses Film Fest”:

Seven showings (“Thirst” — 4 showings. “FLOW” — 3 showings.)
On different nights of the week
From Sept 23 to Oct 22, 2009
At locations all around the County
Free parking at easily accessible Public Libraries**
Free admission
Light refreshments
Discussion to follow