From an article on the Milwaukee Consumer:

The Wisconsin State Fair kicks off tomorrow, August 6th, and runs through August 16th. If you do visit the Fair, you might want to consider stopping by the WE Energies Energy Park to learn more about electricity, natural gas, and energy efficiency. The Park is located along the West side of the fairgrounds (along 84th street) and is just North of Gate 4.

Focus on Energy has a game show called “Watt’s it to Ya” at the WE Energies Energy Park at 6:30pm each evening. The game show pits contestants against each other to identify the greatest energy users in a home. If you beat your competitor and move on to the showcase, you have a chance to prove your skills and learn how much you can save by using energy efficiency in your home. To review the complete list of activities at the WE Energies Energy Park, visit the WE Energies website.