From a story by Colby Robertson on WAOW-TV:

WAUSAU (WAOW) — The Wisconsin Public Service Foundation is giving Wausau East $1,000 for the education of the wind turbines outside the high school.

The money is part of the Innovative Educator Grant program that targets areas of science, math and technology.

Lauren Ebbecke, a Science teacher at Wausau East says the money will be used to purchase a 5 year license for a web page titled Public View.

Public View is a web page hosted by Northern Power Systems. It allows anyone to go to this website to see how much power the Northwind 100 is producing, wind speed of the day, and how much energy the Northwind has produced to date.

The web page will have an engaging “dashboard” complete with dials that capture 10 minute energy and wind data, easy to understand metrics and general trend information.

Ebbecke says, “I believe that public view will be an invaluable educational tool for the entire school system and public. Students can access real time data on wind speed and energy output, gaining a practical understanding of renewable energy resources and power generation.”

Also, Monday morning, Focus on Energy will present Wausau East with more grant money. A $100,000 check that will go towards education related to the wind turbines.