We Energies Renewable Energy Research and Development (R&D) Grant Program

We Energies has established the Renewable Energy Research and Development (R&D) Grant Program to offer financial assistance in the form of a grant (up to a maximum award of $200,000) to conduct research on renewable energy technologies that results in the generation of electric energy, or to help demonstrate a renewable energy product associated with the production of renewable electricity. Eligible applicants include We Energies electric business and non-profit customers. Organizations other than We Energies customers may apply if partnered with a customer. A proposed research project must be located within We Energies electric service territory, or if not located within the service territory it must clearly provide local benefits to the electric service territory. Grants are intended for research and development endeavors that will clearly advance a technology or product, and will clearly contribute positively to the renewable energy industry. Applications received on an ongoing basis through 2009.

We Energies Renewable Energy Scholarship Program
The 2009 Renewable Energy Scholarship Program provides grants to We Energies electric customers or individuals employed by a We Energies customer to attend a renewable energy conference. Eligible participants of this Scholarship Program include:

+ Private industry representatives whose companies are located within We Energies’ electric service territory, whose companies are engaged in the training, development or manufacturing of a renewable energy product or technology. Also considered are representatives of companies that are actively pursuing on-site installation of a renewable energy generating facility. Applicants must be full-time employees in good standing and directly engaged in renewable energy related activities.
+ Full-time staff members of non-profit organizations engaged in activities directly related to the renewable energy industry, such as policy development, where such activities have a direct impact within We Energies’ electric service territory.
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+ Also, separate scholarship program for K-12, Post-Secondary and Community Educators.