From Amy Flom, We Energies Consultant:

We Energies is offering Renewable Energy Feasibility Study Grants to its business and not-for-profit electric customers, as well as to organizations teamed with We Energies business and non-profit electric customers. This program helps to cover the costs of studying the feasibility of installing a renewable electricity generation project at a customer’s facility. Funds also can be used to conduct research on a renewable energy product or technology, or to help demonstrate or commercially advance a renewable energy product or technology into the marketplace.

How much grant money is available per project?

We Energies will fund half the cost that remains after other funding sources are applied to the cost of the study or project, up to a maximum grant of $200,000. Although matching funds are not required for this grant program, any additional funding that can be added to the proposal will be considered a favorable element of the project and increase the chances for a successful grant. In addition, the We Energies grant funds may be used as matching funds towards a larger State, federal or private grant program, provided the activities of the project meet this program’s objectives, occur in We Energies service territory, and the applicant is teamed with a We Energies business or not-for-profit electric customer.

How do I apply for a We Energies grant?

Please complete the Feasibility Study Grant Application.

Grant proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability of funds.