From an article by Jo Anne Killeen in the Coulee News:

Plans are in place to install a solar hot water system at Lakeview Health Center in West Salem.

According to Jim Speropulos, facilities director for La Crosse County, installation will begin the last week of September and be completed by mid-November.

The county is also installing solar water heating panels in the new law enforcement facility in La Crosse. It’s the first solar water project for La Crosse County, Speropulos said.

“Lakeview energy usage is higher than we see at other nursing homes,” he said in explanation of why Lakeview was chosen for the solar water system.

Most of the $164,975 cost is funded through a $100,000 federal American Recovery and Reinvestment grant program the county received through the Wisconsin Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program. The county also is receiving a $25,000 rebate from the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program.

Speropulos said the Lakeview system is designed to offset gas usage by about 1,665 therms per year, or about $1,360 in the first year, and the savings go up from there due to an escalator clause for an increase in future gas prices. He also said the county’s cost is expected to be recouped in about eight years.