From a fact sheet issued by Wind for Wisconsin:

Wind energy is surging in popularity because it spurs economic development and benefits the environment. An organized, vocal minority opposes wind energy development. However, the real world experience of successful wind energy development reaffirms the near universal support for wind energy. In fact, wind energy remains popular in areas of Wisconsin faced with siting challenges.

• A poll of voters in the Evansville Water and Light service area showed that 76% support wind power for the area, with less than 6% in opposition. Similar results were found in the Town of Union, with 72% supporting a wind project in the Town, and just 8% against.
• A poll of voters in Calumet County overwhelmingly favored building new wind farms in the County. A full 70% of voters supported building new wind farms, including a plurality (45%) of voters living near the proposed projects.
• In 2008, the U.S. wind industry installed 8,358 MW of new generating capacity, enough to serve over 2 million homes. The nation’s wind power generating capacity grew by 50%, and represents an investment of $17 billion into the economy.