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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Greater Cleveland took a giant step into what it hopes will be its manufacturing future this morning as longshoremen at the Port of Cleveland began unloading a European-made wind turbine.

Working hand-in-hand with the Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force, Lincoln Electric ordered the 2.5 megawatt (2½ million watts) from Kenersys, of Munster, Germany, last October. It arrived here through the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The energy task force has worked for six years to attract a turbine maker to Northeast Ohio to manufacture the giant machines for Ohio wind projects as well as others across the Great Lakes.

Kenersys is considering building a manufacturing facility in Northeast Ohio. The task force hopes to put even larger turbines in Lake Erie.

Lincoln manufactures precise, robotic welding equipment needed to weld turbine tower sections together.

The company plans to have the Kenersys turbine installed at its Euclid headquarters by late May. It will be the largest turbine in Ohio.