From a story by Bridget Fargen on WJFW 12:

Many people use solar energy as a way to help the environment.

This weekend you can check out some homes and businesses that are using this type of technology.

The Wisconsin Solar Tour goal is to show new people how beneficial going “green” can be for your home or business. “This is where we have the most sun right here.”

This is one of the solar panels that provides energy for Mark Yeager’s Sugar Camp home.

Yeager tells Newswatch 12, “This whole system, the whole property is totally off grid, totally unconnected to the utility.”

Yeager’s home is one of 17 homes and businesses on this years Wisconsin Solar Tour. The two-story house is still under construction and draws all it’s electricity and water heat from the sun.

He says, “We’re attempting to build the most energy efficient home we can.”

What makes it so unique? It’s run off a micro-grid design.

Yeager says, “It’s a European design, that’s not done a lot here yet, it’s just starting to catch on in technology and so we have both on-grid and off grid technology.”