From a story by Colby Robertson on WAOW-TV, Wausau:

WAUSAU (WAOW) — The 142nd annual Wisconsin Valley Fair kicks off next Tuesday, but this years fair is going to be a little greener.

Every night of the Wisconsin Valley Fair, [one of the oldest and largest ag fairs in Wisconsin], features a different free grandstand performance, thousands of fans turn out for some of music’s biggest stars.

This year those performances are going green by using WPS renewable energy to power the musical entertainment.

Kelly Zagrzebski of Wisconsin Public Service says, “You’re not going to see anything different other than its runNATS by green energy and there might be a few banners up, but the actual energy use will be exactly the same, just powered by green power.”

The renewable energy comes through the WPS Naturewise program that’s been selling blocks of renewable energy to customers since 2005.

Zagrzebski says, “As you’re looking at the different sustainability groups and people being more conscious of their energy use and where they’re getting their energy from, it was a great partnership since it is with Naturewise and the fuel we get for it is really through biomass and the use of manure.”