From a media release issued by Focus on Energy:

WITHEE, Wis. — Joe’s Refrigeration, Inc., a family-owned business that designs and installs custom milking and refrigeration systems for dairy farms, has earned Focus on Energy’s Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency for its efforts to promote energy-saving, environmentally friendly equipment.

Working in partnership with Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy initiative, Joe’s Refrigeration helps dairy producers and processors cut energy consumption and costs by installing efficient equipment such as refrigeration heat-recovery tanks and plate coolers. The resulting savings helps farmers stay profitable and competitive as energy costs continue to rise.

“While milk prices have risen, so too have the costs of feed, fertilizer and fuel. Wisconsin’s dairy industry is important to our economy and we’re glad to help farmers stay competitive,” explained Rich Hackner, sector manager for Focus on Energy’s Agriculture and Rural Business Program.

“Joe’s Refrigeration is a great partner and we applaud their efforts to
help dairy producers make smart choices that save energy, save money and protect the environment.”

Over the past 50 years, Joe’s Refrigeration has expanded and diversified from its beginnings as a refrigeration business. Over the years, the company branched into the dairy industry, a side of the business that has doubled in the past year as more and more farmers have sought financial savings through energy efficiency.