From Erik Lindberg:

What: Basic Energy Literacy (and Numeracy)

When: Jan 22nd, 10:30 to 12:30

Where: Urban Ecology Center

I have been given the honor of teaching a basic energy literacy and numeracy class at the urban ecology center this January.

The class will cover all the basic energy information and assessment tools that inform Transition. We will talk about Peak Oil, current American and world-wide energy usage, world-wide fossil fuel reserves, the capacity of alternative energy to replace fossil fuels, energy and the economyh, and our energy prospects for the future.

After the class you will also have the tools to asses government and advertising claims about their programs and products. When you hear of a new oil-field discovery, you will be able to assess how big it really is. When someone announces a 1000 megawatt solar installationi, you will know how much power that produces. When you hear someone chant, “drill, baby, drill,” you will understand what they can actually hope to find.

I hope to see many of you there!