We had a great time at the 2018 Energy Fair! Below are PDF links to RENEW staff presentations and some image highlights of our weekend.

RENEW Staff Presentations

Tyler Huebner
Wisconsin Renewable Energy Policy

An overview of the current renewable energy and distributed generation policy landscape in WI, and its impacts on the solar, wind, hydropower, and biogas markets. The presentation included current and potential legislative and public service commission activities, as well as opportunities to advance policies that support the growth of renewable energy markets in WI.

Tyler Huebner
Solar for Good

RENEW Wisconsin’s Solar for Good program can help your nonprofit organization or house of worship install a solar array with grant funding, technical assistance, and publicity.

Michael Vickerman
Community-Led Clean Energy – WI Case Studies

State energy policy empowers local governments to pursue clean energy. This will focus on recent public investments, city resolutions, and direct engagement with utilities for advancing renewable energy.

Michael Vickerman
How Utilities are Learning to Embrace Solar

Wisconsin utilities are warming up to solar energy. We’ll examine the convergence of factors today that make large-scale solar farms appealing to utilities.