From an article in The Tomah Journal:

SPARTA – A dam that hasn’t produced power in about 40 years could be fired up again to provide alternative electricity and education for Western Technical College.

“It is a diamond in the rough that has been overlooked for a long time,” said Stephen Doret, a hydroelectric consultant and chief engineer for Mill Road Engineering in Westborough, Mass.

Doret detailed plans for the Angelo Pond dam on the La Crosse River at a public hearing Monday at Western’s Sparta campus.

The dam would generate electricity for the Sparta campus and help train students about emerging technology fields, said Mike Pieper, Western’s vice president of finance and operations.

The re-powered dam is expected to crank out about 1 million kilowatt hours a year, far more than the 250,000 kilowatt hours the Sparta campus annually uses, said Doret.