From a story by Colby Robertson on WAOW-TV:

CUSTER (WAOW) — Wisconsin Lawmakers are discussing a bill that would increase wind production and jobs throughout the state.

The bill would determine where wind power projects in Wisconsin could be built.

Currently, smaller wind projects are regulated by municipal or local rules, making it difficult to develop small and medium sized wind farms.

A spokesperson for the environmental group Clean Wisconsin says this bill is an easy way for lawmakers to create jobs in our state at almost no expense to the taxpayer.

According to the American Wind Energy Association, Wisconsin is 15th in the Country when it comes to installing wind projects, but some local wind experts hope this legislation will push Wisconsin to the top.

Supporters say this bill would not only change the wind industry, but it could bring hundreds of thousands of jobs to the area.

RENEW Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Farmers Union, along with Clean Wisconsin, launched a campaign in December of 2008 to support the proposal and other renewable energy initiatives.