From an article by Dorothy Jasperson-Robson in the Westby Times:

On Thursday, April 8, a proposed community wind project meeting was held in the village of Cashton. The well attended meeting provided the general public and adjacent land owners with the opportunity to learn more about the proposed $9.7 million wind energy project, which calls for the construction of two wind turbines to be developed in the village of Cashton Green Industrial Park.

Through a joint venture with Organic Valley, Western Technical College, Gundersen Lutheran Health System and the village of Cashton, two wind turbines will be constructed in the Cashton Greens Park, located off State Highway 27, southeast of the village of Cashton, in Monroe County.

The renewable energy wind generation system would be located adjacent to Organic Valley’s Cashton Distribution Center. The two wind turbines would generate approximately 10.5 million kilowatt hours (kWh) annually or enough power to supply 7,000 average residential homes. Electricity produced by the turbines will travel to an existing electrical substation, owned by the village of Cashton, and be distributed from the substation.

Wes Slaymaker, of Wind Energy Systems Engineering, calculated that each turbine in the Cashton project will cost $3 million dollars, be 262 feet high, produce 1.8 megawatts of energy with three 150-foot blades. The wind farm development will help the village of Cashton reach its mandated Green Credit before the 2025 deadline and the entire project is expected to be paid off within 20 years, by LLC partners in the project, Organic Valley, Gundersen Lutheran and Western Technical College.