From the Coulee Partners for Sustainability:

Local presenters are available to make 20-45 minute talks to groups, clubs, and organizations in the La Crosse area on a variety of issues that pertain to living sustainably. Please note that these presentations are not reviewed or formally approved by CPS.


Burning Coal and Mercury in Fish: What’s the Connection?

In addition to releasing enormous quantities of carbon dioxide, coal-fired power plants have other significant impacts as well. Presenter: Mark Sandheinrich, UW-La Crosse.

Climate Change: Global Problem, Local Solutions

What do recent scientific findings show about global climate change and what can we do to address this problem? Presenter: Rob Tyser, UW-La Crosse.

Complete Streets

Complete Streets provide safe and accessible infrastructure for all transit choices: cars and trucks, busses, bicycles and pedestrians. It is about improving the quality of life for all residents of a community, as well as reducing our carbon footprint, reducing land used for roads and especially for parking, and improving individual health. Presenter: Charley Weeth, Liveable Neighborhoods and Wisconsin Walks.

Green Initiatives in the La Crosse Area

Learn about “green” projects that have been completed and others that are being planned. Presentation arranged by the City of La Crosse.

How Much Stuff is Enough?

How does what we value the most in life actually correspond to our spending habits? Presenter: Mark Sandheinrich, UW-La Crosse.

The La Crosse River Marsh: Its Role in Flooding and Water Retention

In addition to providing critical wetland habitat and outdoor recreational opportunities, the La Crosse River marsh plays an important role in flooding. Presenter: Cynthia Berlin, UW-La Crosse.

The “Natural Step”: What Is It? Why Use It?

Find out about the Natural Step framework and why municipalities, including the City and County of La Crosse, are using it. Presenter: Rob Tyser, UW-La Crosse.

Urban Sprawl in the La Crosse Region

What do images from Landsat satellites show about land use patterns in the La Crosse area? Presenter: Cynthia Berlin, UW-La Crosse.