An article from Wisconsin Ag Connection:

An annual review of Wisconsin utilities showed that the La Crosse-based Dairyland Power Cooperative had a substantial increase in its renewable energy generation and purchases. The company says about 12 percent of its electricity sales now comes from renewable sources of energy.

According to the Wisconsin Utility Regulation Report, the Public Service Commission noted that in 2011, the renewable energy provided by Dairyland to its Wisconsin member cooperatives now achieved a level that exceeds its 2015 requirements. The state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard mandates that all Wisconsin utilities reach the target of 10 percent renewable generation or investment by year 2015.

“As a cooperative utility, we will continue to make prudent investments in renewable energy,” said Brian Rude, Dairyland’s vice president of external and member relations. “Diversifying our generation mix with a variety of renewable options, such as wind, hydro, animal waste-toenergy, biomass and solar, has been and will continue to be a key part of our power supply plans.”

Dairyland recently announced it is purchasing the excess energy output from a new solar photovoltaic installation at the City of Galena, Illinois, wastewater treatment plant. The facility is interconnected with Jo-Carroll Energy, a Dairyland member cooperative.

Dairyland Power provides wholesale electricity to 25 member distribution cooperatives and 15 municipal utilities in four states.