On April 18, 2023, RENEW Wisconsin joined County Executive Joe Parisi, Alliant Energy, SunVest Solar, and other community representatives at the newly constructed Yahara Solar Project to celebrate Earth Week. With the completion of the 90-acre solar project, Dane County has become the 4th County in the United States to power all of its county facilities with 100% renewable electricity.

The Yahara Solar Project is a crowning achievement and an innovative approach to developing clean energy. It will initially be owned and operated by the developer, SunVest. Alliant will deliver the power generated to its customers, and Dane County will receive renewable energy credits (RECs) in return for leasing the land. After seven years, the Yahara Solar Project will be sold to Alliant Energy to become part of the utility’s clean energy generation resources. Pieper Electric was the installation contractor and worked with multiple local unions.

County Executive Joe Parisi and Dane County have demonstrated remarkable climate and clean energy leadership. Since 2011, the County has built cutting-edge technology to power heavy-duty equipment like snow plows and garbage trucks. In addition, Dane County also established an Office of Climate and Clean Energy in 2017. Over time, Dane County has built solar projects at the airport, campsites, and other county facilities. In 2020, Dane County released the Climate Action Plan: Today’s Opportunity for a Better Tomorrow which included a path to deep decarbonization.

Dane County’s efforts to demonstrate practical solutions to reducing energy bills and emissions are a model for the nation. Now Dane County is working to share that knowledge with residents. Check out the most recent podcast from Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, Kathy Kuntz (Director of the Office of Climate and Clean Energy), and me, Heather Allen (Policy Advisor for RENEW Wisconsin). This podcast discusses how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) makes it easy to save money and shift to clean, renewable energy.

Learn How You Can Benefit from the IRA:
• The Dane County Office of Climate and Clean Energy
• Rewiring America’s calculator to help identify which tax credits and up-front discounts you can utilize.
• MadiSUNsolar.com for Dane County residents interested in going solar.
• RENEW Wisconsin’s programs help nonprofits go solar and purchase electric vehicles.
• RENEW’s summary of the Inflation Reduction Act and clean energy resources.

Podcast Links:
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