From a memo distributed to state representatives by Wave Wind LLC, Sun Prairie:

At Wave Wind LLC, we develop, construct and maintain small to mid-sized wind farms. We are a Wisconsin based company that hires Wisconsin employees to develop our projects. Unfortunately, we recently had to lay off 12 of our valued employees as a result of the delay in passing the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

By supporting the Clean Energy Jobs Act, you would not only allow us to hire back those employees, but you would also enable us to create over 100 additional high-quality jobs for Wisconsinites constructing new wind projects.

With the construction of three wind farms on hold, we recently had to lay off project managers, human resource specialists, vice presidents and marketing specialists until we can ensure a market for the power produced by
those farms. The Clean Energy Jobs Act helps to create that market that will allow our company to quickly rebuild and expand.

I hope that our employees serve as the face of the other 15,000 jobs you could create in Wisconsin by passing this bill.