From a news release posted on the Web site of WQOW-TV (Eau Claire):

Eau Claire – The Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce has selected 10 Chamber member businesses as the initial group of business to be identified by the Chamber as Green Sustainable businesses.

Those businesses selected include: Applied Data Consultants, Department of Interiors Ltd., Laser Product Technologies, Liberty Exteriors Inc., Luther Midelfort-Mayo Health System, PESI, LLC, Phillips Plastics Corporation, RealityWorks, Inc., Superior Auto Body, and Sacred Heart Hospital. These businesses range from five employees to 4,500 employees.

The areas of selection include: 1) Energy Conservation 2) Purchasing 3) Recycling 4) Transportation 5) Social Capital 6) Waste Prevention 7) Water Conservation. Businesses must earn at least 40 points in five categories, if they employee 50 or fewer employees and 60 points in all seven categories if they employee more than 50 employees. The selection is done by a panel of six Chamber member representatives based on an application submitted by the businesses. The committee will meet monthly to review future applications that are submitted to the Chamber.