From an editorial in the Wausau Daily Herald:

Mr. Chris Hamrin, president and CEO,
W Solar Group, Inc.
Chatsworth, CA

Dear Mr. Hamrin:

We here in Wausau are eager to learn where your company will build a manufacturing plant that will employ as many as 600 people making your high-tech solar panels. We were ecstatic to learn back in January that Wausau was one of the few Wisconsin cities — along with Eau Claire and perhaps others that have shown interest since then — being considered for the facility.

We won’t disparage Eau Claire or any other city in this great state. We don’t have to. We think what we have to offer in Wausau speaks for itself.

You already know some of our key assets. Your company spokesman, Evan Zeppos, was on target when he said this about Wausau in January: “It’s a very good spot as it relates to a supply chain, geography, transportation. It has a well-known reputation for having a good workforce, and it’s certainly very high on the quality-of-life scale.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.