From an article article by Deneen Smith in the Kenosha News:

Shawn Henoch can’t wait for frigid weather and the first serious heating bills of winter.

“I’m really looking forward to January and February to see,” Henoch said. “Who is excited to get their electric bill? But I am.”

Henoch hired a company to do an energy efficiency overhaul of her 60-year-old Kenosha home this year. The work was completed in June, and she said she’s already seen a dramatic reduction in her energy bills and an improvement in the coziness-factor of her home.

The project sealed air leaks in the house, added insulation in the walls and ceiling, and replaced an old, inefficient furnace and air conditioner.

Before the overhaul, her typical winter heating bills were about $400 “and that was keeping my heat set at 67 or 68,” she said. “Now I can really keep my house at 72, and my last bill was, I think, $136.”

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