From a news release issued by the Wisconsin Farmers Union and posted on the Web site of WQOW-TV (Eau Claire):

Chippewa Falls, Wis. (Press Release) — The Wisconsin Farmers Union joined renewable energy producers at a senate hearing held in the Capitol today to ask elected leaders to support the Low Carbon Fuel Standard as a part of the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

“The Low Carbon Fuel Standard will support Wisconsin farmers by creating new markets to sell crops to power our homes, schools, and businesses,” said Mike Stranz, Government Relations Specialist at the Wisconsin Farmer’s Union.

Under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), fuel providers in the state must gradually reduce the average carbon content of the mix of fuels sold in the state. An LCFS benefits the agricultural community by increasing demand for crops capable of producing low-carbon fuels such as switchgrass, woody biomass and crop residue.

“By growing our own low-carbon fuels, we can become more energy independent and put money into the pockets of hard-working Wisconsin farmers,” said Jamie Derr, Owner and Operator of Derr Solarmass LLC. “Why spend billions buying foreign fossil fuels when Wisconsin farmers can grow much of our fuel right here at home?”