From a news release issued by the Wisconsin Farmers Union:

Chippewa Falls, Wis. (Sept. 18, 2009) – Wisconsin Farmers Union praised the state Legislature for approving wind siting reform legislation earlier this week. WFU President Sue Carlson said it was an important step toward renewing the energy of rural Wisconsin’s economy. The measure will implement uniform, statewide standards for small and medium-sized wind energy installations in the state.

“Allowing farmers and rural residents the ability to build wind turbines on their property can add to their bottom line while keeping energy dollars in Wisconsin,” Carlson said. “Effective statewide wind siting standards will create green jobs and will enable farmers to continue be the economic drivers of our rural communities through new energy opportunities.”

The wind siting bill passed the state assembly on Wednesday and the state senate on Tuesday. Broad bipartisan support marked its passage, and now the bill will move to the governor’s desk to await his signature before becoming law. Once signed by the Gov. Jim Doyle, the law will trigger a rule-making process by the Public Service Commission to formulate statewide standards for wind siting in Wisconsin.