From an article in the Journal Sentinel by Thomas Content:

A coalition of Wisconsin firms involved in the solar power and solar hot water industry are joining together to market the state at the solar sector’s major annual conference.

 “We want to raise awareness of what Wisconsin has to offer the solar industry,” said Amy Heart of Milwaukee Shines, the city’s solar program. “In Milwaukee, we are known for making things, and making things well. We are taking that tradition and reputation to the solar supply chain.”

Milwaukee Shines previously launched a business council focused on the solar hot water industry, including Johnson Controls Inc. and Caleffi Solar, based in the Menomonee Valley .

 The new partnership, the Wisconsin Solar Initiative, is broader, focusing on the solar sector as a whole, and includes Helios Solar Works and Ingeteam, both located in the Menomonee Valley, as well as Eaton Corp., which makes solar inverters at its plant in Menomonee Falls.

The initiative, and the appearance at this week’s Solar Power International conference in Orlando, Fla., aims to spotlight the state’s solar efforts much as Wisconsin Wind Works has done for wind energy components suppliers.

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