From an announcement from Focus on Energy:

Who is Eligible?
Nonprofit organizations and institutions, schools, and units of government are eligible for the Wind Electric Implementation Grant for Schools, Nonprofits and Units of Government if they purchase electricity from an electric provider participating with Focus on Energy. The renewable energy system must be installed on a site whose owner purchases electricity for that site. For a list of participating providers visit or call 888.476.9534.

What is an Implementation Grant?

Wind Electric Implementation Grants for Schools, Nonprofits and Units of Government provide financial support for the installation of commercially available wind electric systems that produce electricity and are rated over 20 kW and not more than 100 kW. For residential or business wind electric systems, please use the Cash-Back Rewards or Wind Electric Implementation Grant available at

Available Funding
On a competitive basis, a maximum grant of $150,000 will be available to provide financial support for the installation of wind electric systems over 20 kW to not more than 100 kW. This grant cannot exceed 35 percent of the system cost, the actual grant award is based on the estimated annual electrical production of the installed system (See System Guidelines for more information).

Before you sign an installation contract, order, purchase or begin to install any system components, your application must be approved by Focus on Energy and you must sign an Implementation Grant Agreement form. Payment of the Implementation Grant is made to you after the renewable energy system is installed and you submit a complete Notice of Installation.