From an article in the e-newsletter of Focus on Energy:

You may already know that Focus on Energy offers a $500 bonus incentive to homeowners who build a Wisconsin ENERGY STAR® Home or improve their homes through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program. What you may not know is that Focus will extend this special bonus to homeowners who install wind energy systems starting July 1, 2009!

That’s right — when you build a Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Home or fully participate in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, you’ll automatically qualify to receive a $500 bonus above and beyond the standard financial incentive when you install a wind turbine, solar electric or solar hot water system!

With this $500 bonus, we hope to encourage Wisconsin homeowners to take a “whole-house” approach to economic and environmental sustainability. The benefits of living in a high-performance, renewably powered home are many, and Focus on Energy wants to help you enjoy them affordably.

Build efficient with Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes.
Building a new home is a major investment. Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes can help you make the most of that investment with a home that saves energy and money. New homes certified by the program automatically qualify for the $500 bonus when a solar or wind energy system is installed.*

Improve efficiency with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR helps you make energy efficient improvements that save money and increase the comfort, safety and durability of your existing home. Homeowners who participate in this program prior to installing a solar or wind energy system are automatically qualified for the $500 bonus.*