From a news release issued by Governor Jim Doyle and posted on the Web site of WQOW-TV, Eau Claire:

Madison (Press Release) — Governor Jim Doyle today proclaimed October Energy Awareness Month in Wisconsin to highlight the importance of energy conservation, energy efficiency and continuing to grow businesses and create jobs in the clean energy economy.

“Wisconsin has made big steps forward in recent years through energy conservation, energy efficiency, and by investing in a clean energy economy,” Governor Doyle said. “Through greater awareness we can continue to increase our energy independence, save money for families and businesses, and create thousands of new clean energy jobs in Wisconsin.”

Businesses, individuals, and government are creating energy solutions that will create jobs, lower utility bills, reduce the use of fossil fuels and work toward energy and economic security.

Since taking office, Governor Doyle has advanced an aggressive agenda to position Wisconsin as a leader in a growing clean energy economy. Wisconsin has adopted renewable portfolio standards, invested in clean energy jobs creation, led the advancement of research in cellulosic ethanol and biomass, and made great strides to increase energy efficiency in homes, businesses and government buildings. As a result, Wisconsin has seen a rapid expansion in alternative energy production and real growth in clean energy jobs.

Across the state, 140 communities have committed to using 25 percent of their electricity and transportation fuels from renewable sources by 2025.