From a story on WQOW-TV:

Menomonie (WQOW) – One local business got some green Wednesday for going green.

Governor Doyle is giving out $600,000 under his emerging industries skills partnership initiative for businesses in green industries. . . .

Specialty Pallet and Crate is one local company that will be receiving some of this grant money. The Menomonie business recycles old pallets and turns them into new products.

“Our business takes a wood pallet that is damaged, repairs it, if it can’t be repaired, the wood is cut off, and that wood is used to make custom or fix other pallets. And then if it can’t be used for anything else, it comes out here and is ground into either animal bedding or landscape mulch and then colored, and sold locally to landscapers around the Menomonie area and Dunn County and Eau Claire County,” says Wendell Noble, vice-president of Specialty Pallet and Crate.

They will be receiving some of the money, in part, because of a new business they created called Bioensertech. That company will make biofuel beginning this winter.

Says Noble, “The biofuel, that is going to be a wood pellet, about that size, and hopefully it will replace coal. It burns 95 percent cleaner than coal and the waste can be used for fertilizer instead of trying to sell it to somebody to discard it. This is made from wood waste, all wood waste, so it’s all 100 percent recyclable material.”

With this new product, Bioensertech hopes to work with the department of workforce development to train current employees and gain new ones.