An article from the Sheherd Express:

Over the next three months, the Wisconsin Legislature and governor will try to enact the Clean Energy Jobs Act aimed at creating new jobs and improving the air we breathe through a clean energy economic strategy. It is important for policy-makers to get multiple points of view on the table and all of the facts honestly presented to develop the optimal public policy for Wisconsin’s future. So it is unfortunate that the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI), the child of the right-wing Bradley Foundation, put out a terribly flawed report two months ago—in fact, it was so bad that many thought it would be discarded immediately. Instead, this report, which, of course, came up with the results the business community desired, has been cited over and over by well-funded special interests that oppose clean energy technology.

Among the many obvious errors made in the study, the report failed to factor in economic and related benefits that would result from the legislation. This includes reduced energy costs for businesses and individuals, avoiding the costs of building new power plants, fewer transmission lines, various health benefits resulting in less absenteeism from work and school, more certainty for businesses by avoiding the fluctuations in fossil fuel prices, and greater revenues for farmers resulting from the increased use of biofuels. We just hope that legislators are intellectually honest enough to see through such biased analysis.