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The Holmen School District is undertaking an energy challenge.

Tuesday Lietenant Governor Barbara Lawton announced Holmen will participate in her Energy Star School Challenge.

The challenge means the school district makes a committment to reducing its energy consumption by 10 percent.

La Crosse is already participating in the challenge by doing things like turning off lights and computers when they’re not in use, to cut down on energy consumption.

“Becoming more efficient in the use of energy remains an important and necessary goal for the School District of Holmen,” said Holmen School District Superintendent Dale Carlson. “We look forward to partnering with Lt. Governor Lawton and her Energy Star Challenge as we commit to continually improving our energy performance.”

Lawton issued her Energy Star School Challenge in April as part of her Green Economy Agenda. Lawton said that her goal for the challenge is to commit at least 100 new school districts, nearly 25 percent of all Wisconsin school districts, to reduce their energy costs by at least 10 percent.