From a report on WISC-TV:

LA CROSSE, Wis. — With gas prices still hovering above $2 per gallon, imagine paying as little as $1.25 a gallon to run a car.

Such a cost savings comes not from gasoline, but instead pumping a fuel that many of people already use to heat their home or to cook a meal.

Natural gas is a fuel that is readily available, produced in North America and is virtually pollution free. According to current designs, a compressed natural gas-powered vehicle could hypothetically be filled up in home’s garage every night.

A version of this vehicle is available today in Wisconsin.

A Honda Civic looks just like any other sedan seen on the road, but it isn’t. The Civic has a trick up its sleeve.

“This car is fueled by American-produced natural gas,” said Chris Schneider, president of Honda Motorwerks in La Crosse. “It’s stored as a gas and I should say, when we talk about gas, we are usually referring to gasoline that’s stored as a liquid. This is stored as a gas.”