From a story on WXOW-TV (La Crosse):

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) -Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is taking a tour of the Gundersen Lutheran hospital, a facility she says is a good example of a insitution striving for energy independence.

Baldwin says, “I had heard some time ago that this is one of the few hospitals and clinics that was really analyzing their energy usage.”

The tour featured the hospital’s efforts to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Thompson says, “Some of them are really pretty simple. It’s exhaust fans that are running 24 hours a day that need to be on 6 to 12 hours a day, replacing old chillers with new ones that are twice efficient.”

Other examples… Gundersen Lutheran is also partnering with La Crosse City Brewery to turn its waste methane discharge into electricity for the hospital.

And has installed solar panels on Gundersen Lutheran’s new parking ramp to help power the structure.

Thompson says, “There is some cost to some of these, but we think of it as an investment.”