From an article in the Dunn County News:

Last year, the Menomonie City Council approved the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. This year, the Plan Commission is urging the council to adopt Governor Jim Doyle’s “25×25 Goals.”

Both are more than just pieces of paper, explained Wendy Sander of Cedar Corporation at the commission’s June meeting.

“The governor’s goal is to be generating 25 percent of our state’s electricity and transportation fuel from renewable sources by 2025,” she said, noting that by signing the agreement, the city would become eligible to receive grant funds to help pay for projects aimed at energy efficiency and sustainability.

“A specific one we’re looking at is the energy block grant,” Sander said. “We’re doing some work on the fire station right now that is extremely eligible for that program. It would score higher if the council had passed the 25×25 plan. … It’s similar to the climate protection agreement.”

Several months ago, the city council authorized upgrades to the aging mechanical and electrical systems in the downtown fire station, city engineer Charlie Jones told the commission.

“When we were in the process of doing the plan and getting ready for the bid, through diligent research, we found the grant,” he said. “That actually delayed the bidding process, because we believe we can get some grant dollars to help pay for the upgrades to make it more efficient.”