From Mid-State Technical College:

Get a solid foundation in the fundamental design, operation, maintenance and installation techniques to work with renewable technologies. Workshops and a visit to the energy fair will keep you engaged and on the cutting-edge of technology.

Take advantage of this FREE hands-on opportunity to learn about renewable energy!

Renewable Energy Workshops
• Growing Biofuels – Biorefinery. Find out how crops and waste products turn into ethanol and biodiesel. Learn how these fuels are used and what the limitations are. Discover how to make your very own batch of biodisel from oil!
• Personal Energy – Energy Efficiency. Explore your energy use patterns at school or home. Discover ways to reduce your personal energy use.
• Solar Car – Renewable Electricity. Students will examine solar cells by building a solar powered model car. Test out the performance of the model car under various conditions.
• Cookies – Renewable Thermal. Learn to construct a solar water heating system and enhance your experience by baking cookies from the sun!

MREA Energy Fair
The Energy Fair features hundreds of workshops and exhibits all emphasizing clean energy & sustainable living.

Register early! Space is limited.
Registration deadline is Friday, June 12.
For more information or to register contact:
Kris Buss, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 715.422.5375

All hand-on workshops, the energy fair, transportation, lunch & snacks are at no cost to high school students. Student’s will receive one MSTC college credit for participating all three days.