From a story on WKOW-TV:

To celebrate Earth Day and help meet the biomass demand created by the new Charter Street Power Plant, UW Extension and other agencies released a guide to Establishing and Managing Switchgrass.

Mark Renz, University of Wisconsin Extension Weed Specialist, and lead author of the guide said, “Growing switchgrass can improve farm profits by producing a good feed, produce biomass for heat and power, create habitat for people and wildlife, and reduce flooding. We wanted to summarize the best information available for Wisconsin landowners in an easy to use guide.”

The guide benefited from six field tests done last year near Platteville by Southwest Badger RC&D, UW Extension and Alliant Energy.

“Southwest Wisconsin has the potential to become a huge reservoir of biomass fuel such as switchgrass. This guide gives landowners the best information we have on how to establish and grow switchgrass, a key native prairie grass,” said Steve Bertjens, NRCS Southwest Badger RC&D Coordinator.