From a news release issued by Clean Wisconsin:

76% support policies stronger than those in the Clean Energy Jobs Act

MADISON — More than three-quarters of Wisconsin voters support renewable energy policies requiring 30 percent of our state’s power to come from renewable sources, according to polling data released today by a bipartisan research group.

“An overwhelming majority of Wisconsin’s voters recognize the need to replace our dependence on dirty, imported fossil fuels with new investments in clean, renewable energy,” said Keith Reopelle, senior policy director at Clean Wisconsin, an environmental advocacy organization celebrating 40 years of service. “With no fossil fuel reserves of our own, transitioning toward renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, crops, and agricultural waste will help Wisconsin become more energy independent and economically prosperous.”

According to the data released today, 76 percent of Wisconsin voters support passing policies “ensuring that 30 percent of the state’s electricity comes from renewable sources.” Known as a renewable electricity standard, current policy ensures that only 10 percent of Wisconsin’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2015. The Clean Energy Jobs Act would set new goals by ensuring that 25 percent of our electricity comes from renewable resources by 2025.

“This data highlights the need to pass a strong renewable electricity standard in the Clean Energy Jobs Act,” said Reopelle. “Spending $16 billion dollars every year on out-of-state fossil fuels drains Wisconsin’s economy. By investing in renewable energy, we can create jobs and keep much of that money right here at home.”