From a news release issued by the Forest County Potawatomi Community:

Crandon, Wis. – The Forest County Potawatomi Community began an advertising campaign Monday in support of the Clean Energy Jobs Act, state legislation that economists predict will create a minimum of 15,000 new jobs in Wisconsin and end up lowering electric bills in the state.

“Protecting Mother Earth and the resources She provides is a cornerstone of the Potawatomi people,” said Jeff Crawford, Forest County Potawatomi Attorney General. “Wisconsin needs to seize this opportunity to reduce the carbon pollution that threatens Wisconsin for the worse while also creating thousands of jobs for Wisconsin families.”

Crawford added, “The Potawatomi support the Clean Energy Jobs Act and will aggressively work to ensure passage. The bill will be a real boost to Wisconsin’s economy.”

The Clean Energy Jobs Act is based on recommendations from the Global Warming Task Force. The Task Force was formed to investigate ways the Wisconsin could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously creating jobs and growing the state’s economy. Representatives from Wisconsin businesses, environmental groups, utilities and other interested stakeholders voted in favor of a final report containing roughly 60 recommendations. The Forest County Potawatomi was a member of the Global Warming Task Force.

Among the major recommendations from the Task Force is the proposal that 25% of Wisconsin’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2025.

Public opinion research has found that a majority of Wisconsin voters favor action by the State to reduce carbon pollution and believe state action will grow clean energy jobs.